Tuesday, October 17, 2006

All Business For Beta Court

Surprise, The San Ramon City Council Passed The Crow Canyon Specific Plan As Recommended.

Business owners, San Ramon citizens, planning commissioners, and most of the City Council members came to an agreement for the Crow Canyon Specific Plan and more importantly for the long term direction to have Beta Court continue to provide valuable business services for the San Ramon community without forcing mixed use housing on Beta Court.

The location of the Crow Canyon Specific Plan is as follows:

Approximately 130 acres (over 90 land parcels) bounded by the San Ramon/Danville city limit line to the north, Interstate 680 to the east, Crow Canyon Road to the south, and the San Ramon city limit line to the west.

Many citizen groups and businesses spoke out in fighting to retain these businesses for San Ramon. The threat of eminent domain for any area in San Ramon that is under a Redevelopment Zone is still very real. While City Council members all state that eminent domain would only be used as a last resort, the threat of it still hangs over the head of businesses and property owners.

The City Council talks about market forces driving the redevelopment in this area. The mayor claims that "market forces" will determine how this area is developed. We can only wonder what type of market forces will ultimately affect the landscape in this area.

As passage of this plan was met with a positive outlook for the businesses in the Crow Canyon Specific area, and more specific of the Beta Court business owners, they are still very well aware that the eminent domain issue remains a threat to each and every property owner in the Redevelopment Zones.